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Facial Formula No 1 Retinol Treatment Serum


Rejuvenate, smooth, and tone with the age-perfecting retinol serum. Formulated with a skin-supporting blend of retinol, niacinamide, and bakuchiol, this serum is a must-have for anyone interested in youthful skin and stopping the signs of aging skin. Gentle enough for retinol beginners and powerful enough for experienced users to see consistent improvements in skin. Its silky texture makes it easy for skin to absorb.  This serum has 0.5% retinol, plus 0.5% bakuchiol for multi-faceted age support. 1% niacinamide gives our retinol serum complexion evening, glowing skin boost. Pro-tips-> The perfect addition to any luxury nighttime or aging skin care routine!

*see directions for proper useage 

*pro-tip add a drop of this formula to the Nourshing Face Cream for your own custom skin care serum.


Facial Formula No 1 Retinol Treatment Serum

$32.00 Regular Price
$19.20Sale Price
  • Use Retinol Serum as part of your nighttime skincare routine, as it can cause sensitivity to sunlight. If you choose to wear it during the day, make sure to follow with your favorite SPF.

    After cleansing your face, pat dry and then apply a pea size amount of product to your skin. If layering with other products such as a moisturizer or foundation, allow the serum at least 10 minutes to absorb before adding more product.

    For sensitive skin or retinol beginners, apply a face cream or lotion before applying the Retinol Serum to reduce potential irritation.

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