This Grinch Mask will bring color and brightness to even the dullest of complexions. Good for appox 2-3 Masks.  Packed with skin loving clays that pull out impurtities, tighten and tone skin. Kelp Powder (seaweed) is packed with nutrients. It's rich in chlorophyll and  detoxifies the skin, and essential fatty acids and Vitamin A – which tighten and smooth skin. Kelp actually smells like the Grinch (Stink Stank Stunk!) But your skin will look so good after you won't mind!

Holiday Grinch Mask

  • Spoon appox. 1/3 of clay into a separate bowl slowly add either water, apple cider vinegar to bowl and stir into a paste. Apply to face and neck until Mask is almost dry. Rinse well with warm water and moisturize. Some residual redness is normal and will fade into beautiful glowing skin.