Bath Soak 8oz NT WT

The Rejuvenating Bath Soak is filled with Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salt, and scented with Essentional oil of Bergamot and Sweet Orange. The salts works hard to relax tense tight muscles, and the scent is DIVINE. Limited quanity available.  (this is the same salt as used in the holiday snowball soak)

The Calming Bath Soak is Scented with Chamomile Flower Oil  and mixed gently with Magnesium Sulfate to promote deep relaxation in mind and body. Limited Quanity available. 

Both Soaks are packaged in super cute mason type jars and make fantastic gifts, or treat yourself!  

Each jar makes 2-3 baths. 





Bath Soak 8oz NT WT

Bath Soak
  • Empty soak into hot bath, relax and enjoy!