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Magnesium Spray 3.75 oz NT WT

Discover quick and effective wellness with our Magnesium Spray – a fast-absorbing solution to boost magnesium levels through the skin. It is ideal for tight muscles, sore joints, and pre/post-workout use. Apply daily for restful sleep. Layer with our Magnesium Cream for maximum relief. Crafted from pure magnesium chloride for easy absorption and cellular restoration. 

Magnesium Spray 3.75 oz NT WT

SKU: 2020-1
$16.00 Regular Price
$9.60Sale Price
  • Apply 5-10 sprays to tight muscles, and sore joints. Rub into skin and avoid rinsing off for 20 minutes. You may experience a slight tingling sensation, this will subside over time. Avoid sensitive skin areas, and freshly shaved skin. 

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